A Combination of Effective Ingredients in a Supplement for Joint Pain

Many people are looking for an effective remedy for joint pain without having to take aspirin, ibuprofen, or other drugs. One option is a supplement containing herbs and an amino acid, the combination of which can reduce pain and inflammation while boosting flexibility and mobility. When a person takes phenocane joint health should be noticeably improved.

This phenocane supplement contains several ingredients, the combination of which is intended to produce the best results. The primary effect is the decrease in inflammation, which in turn reduces joint pain and stiffness.


Research verifies that curcumin has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. It helps people manage muscle soreness caused by exercise, as well as discomfort associated with arthritis. That's why phenocane supplements include this component. Curcumin has a large number of other positive effects, such as being beneficial for kidney health and for reducing anxiety.


Curcumin is just one of the plant chemical group known as curcuminoids. These beneficial plant chemicals are found in the spice turmeric and are responsible for its bold yellow-gold color. Curcumin is considered the most important of these components, and it is also the most prevalent in turmeric. The others are included in phenocane joint supplements to boost the product's effectiveness.


This component is a version of the amino acid L-Phenylalanine. The synthetic version is known as D-Phenylalanine; this particular type combines both the natural and the synthetic forms. Its effect on pain reduction is related to its positive effects on neurotransmitters. It boosts the production of chemicals that act as natural opioids in the body without any of the drug-related side effects. In addition, it blocks an enzyme in the body that causes degradation of those natural chemicals.


This herbal extract is also known as Indian frankincense. Because it appears to decrease inflammation, some men and women take this as a complementary part of their healthcare regimen for chronic inflammatory illnesses. An example is inflammatory bowel disease, a category that includes ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease. Research indicates it may be helpful for patients with rheumatoid arthritis as well.


This plant-derived enzyme is a traditional supplemental support for the cardiovascular system. It comes from bacteria-fermented soybeans known as natto. A certain type of fermentation process is required to produce nattokinase. The substance has anti-inflammatory properties, increases circulation, and prevents fluid retention. A boost in blood circulation is beneficial for healing in soft tissues and other parts of the body.